Accident in Mexico, an excerpt of the book “WHY ME?”

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Chapter 6.1 Accident in Mexico, Book “Why Me”

Immediately after the arrival in Mexico, I had a terrible accident. I fell down the stairs into the basement of our unfinished, beautiful Adobe Home on the Beach in Baja and broke several ribs, busted my pancreas and kidneys, but that was just a small part of what was really going on.

After I was taken to the local hospital in Rosarito in the funkiest Ambulance Vehicle I had ever seen, I was released without X-rays, spent two full days in bed and was definitely not improving and in a lot of pain. On the third day, Chris and John were down at Beach playing, there was a knock on the door! It was Miguel, a good friend of my partner Chris who came over to visit. He knocked on the door and I couldn’t really move, but luckily the front door was open and Miguel decided to walk in. He must have heard my voice even though the enormous pain prevented me from being able to talk loudly. I shuffled myself to the living room and in walks this absolutely bright spirited Mexican Doctor. Miguel was a good friend of Chris’s, he had studied Children’s Psychology and then worked at the Dansbach Cancer Clinic right in our neighborhood, Sant Monica Plaza, Rosarito Beach. Miguel was more than a conventional Doctor, he was also a healer and had just returned from the Yukatan with Don Miguel, a famous Shaman.

As soon as Miguel saw me, he immediately took a step towards me, put his hands on my chest and started praying in Spanish. I was so surprised by that and knew that something was very wrong with me. Miguel ran down to the beach to get Chris and John and when they came back to the house, Miguel urged Chris to take me across the border to see the Grandmother of Don Miguel who was a very powerful healer from Mexico and who could help me.

Chris carried me to the car, strapped in my little three year old son and drove across the border as fast as he could. I had no idea why everything was so urgent and I was extremely scared. When we arrived in Chula Vista at the home of Madre Sarita, everyone there was already expecting us and Chris carried me inside. Madre was a sweet and beautiful Lady in her 70ies who had the kindest eyes I had ever seen. We were in the waiting room for 10 minutes until “Coco” the Translator called us into the healing room.
She asked us to place our hands around a candle with a Saints picture on it and then she prayed aloud in Spanish. After the prayer, she sent Chris and John out of the room and what followed next changed my life forever!

Golden Light Meditation

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Emotional Processing with Golden Light Meditation is very soothing and powerful. I will help you relax and connect with your Magical Inner Being. You will realize that any trauma, sadness, abandonment and fear can be transformed through Light and Sound which will quicken the cell to become what YOU  were meant to be, “A Radiant Golden Light Being filled with Love!”


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How many times have I asked myself the question “WHY ME”?

And then ……right behind that thought lies “IF NOT ME, WHO”?

I look at my life and I wonder why God, Creator, The Universe wanted me to have all these experiences. Why? What is the reason? Maybe it just WAS ….. perhaps I am supposed to help someone, perhaps I have a Mission!!!
For a long time I thought it didn’t matter and I really didn’t tell my story very much.
After all, everybody has a story!!! But wait a minute!!

Who goes from growing up in a little Bavarian Village, to a near Death Experience at age 9? To finding their Mother dead in the kitchen age 16 with headlines in the Newspaper “Murder, Suicide or Accident” to being in the middle of the Iranian Revolution age 17 and smuggling somebody across the border to save their life, to living in an Ashram and meditating 8-12 hours a day for 11 years, an arranged marriage and being flown by a Sant Sat Guru to the United States and then losing two partners to accident and suicide and ultimately becoming a Life-Coach, Teacher/Workshop Leader.

So the Universe is telling me to write it all down, there are no accidents!

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Dr. Oz on Reiki

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Reiki Level I Class/Emotional Processing class April 13th is full

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Reiki Level I Class/Emotional Processing class April 13th is full. There are 6 spaces left for the Class on May 18th. This is where the class is held.
See you all on Sunday

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