Petra’s Ashes {Book and Poster}


Petra’s Ashes Book and Poster Combo

Poster: 13 x 9 Inch poster of Petra’s Ashes

Book: Petra’s Ashes

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Petra’s Ashes Book and Poster Combo


13 x 9 Inch poster of Petra’s Ashes


Petra’s Ashes

“Like a Phoenix, she will rise from the ashes of despair and soar.”

Through the extreme pain and sorrow of her exposure to the tragic death of her mother, suicide, depression, and realities of war, she begins a journey of profound insight, to become a “seeker after truth.” Being led to The Masters of the Far East, The Shaman’s of North America and Mexico, awakens her to the realization and vision that she has been given—to become transformed and more intuitive, authentic and soul-centered, which takes her on a journey that she now uses as tools to help others. A year later, at seventeen, she leaves Bavaria and moves to London, marries, and experiences the Iranian Revolution of 1978-1979—firsthand.
Petra Nicoll grew up with her middle-class family in the small village of Markt Schwaben, enjoying childhood innocence in a place of picturesque beauty, just fifteen miles south of Munich, the capital of Bavaria, Germany. This book, Petra’s real life story, could be fiction—but it’s not. Readers will find her life thought-provoking, mesmerizing—and perhaps even remarkable.
Sheltered and protected by her Catholic family, Petra’s Ashes reveals a journey of unsettling discoveries and uncommon insight. At the age of nine, she has a near-death experience and at sixteen she finds her mother dead under suspicious circumstances.


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