03 Nov, 2016

9 Apps to get you through your day!

03 Nov, 2016

Here at Petranicoll.com, we know that our readers, YOU, are very busy with your lives and sometimes you have to put your spiritual practice on the back burner! Your boss sends you an email that you have to respond to, right as you’re sitting down to meditate. A friend calls with a crisis during the time you had set aside to plan your healthy meals for the week. Your children is sick and you must stay home with them and miss your Reiki class. There are always unexpected hurdles we have to jump through and many spiritual lessons can be learned from each hurdle and jump. In a world of so much chaos and expectations, we are blessed to have devices that can help us organize our hectic lives.

To help with your daily spiritual practice, we’ve compiled a list of 9 applications for your smart phone that will keep you spiritually charged throughout the day!

Progressive Alarm Clock
Sounds are essential to our well-being so waking-up to healing sounds is the best way to start your day. This alarm clock app will wake you up gently and gradually to the beautiful sounds of the Tibetan singing bowl. You will awaken from your sleep slowly and peacefully instead of stressed and anxious from a traditional alarm clock.

Alkaline Foods
Keeping our body alkaline is important because many ailments thrive in acidic environments. Cancer, inflammation related disorders like depression and stomach issues such as acid reflux are all directly related to our bodies being too acidic. Most of us do not have time in our busy schedules to research which foods are good for us and which are not good so instead with this app, you can search foods and see how alkaline or acidic they are. Whether you’re making your weekly grocery list or grabbing a meal on the go, this app is perfect for sticking to an alkaline diet!

Daily Water Free – Water Reminder and Counter
Drinking water is essential to living a healthy and spiritual life. With this app, you can track the amount of water you drink, set water goals for yourself and set reminders to drink water throughout the day.

Gratitude Journal ~ the original!
With all the little and big obstacles we experience throughout the day, we can easily lose sight of what’s important to us. Practicing gratitude helps remind us what is important and wonderful about our lives and to appreciate the little things. But it also helps us connect with a higher frequency and recharge our thoughts. Our feelings are a direct result of our thoughts so if we allow our thoughts to turn negative during the day, we will end up having a bad day and go to bed in a bad mood. This app offers you the opportunity to record and archive your journal entries about what you are grateful for.

Dr. Wayne Dyer Everyday Wisdom
If you are having trouble recognizing things to add to your gratitude journal, daily affirmations and wisdom from the amazing Wayne Dyer will steer you in the right direction. This app is perfect for anyone who needs daily positive reminders.

Self Healing
If you are looking for an app that encompasses all the basics of a spiritual journey, this is the app for you! Whether you’re looking for crystal healings, easy meditations, aum chanting, touch healing and much more, this app is a great blend of everything you need to get you through the day. Tip: The one complaint with this app is that there are a lot of ads so put your phone on airplane mode to avoid being interrupted!

For everyone who has found mantras to be helpful in their spiritual journey, this app is the holy grail of mantras. You can choose from many different types of mantras like Buddhist, Hindu, Kundalini and more. You can also record your own mantras and chose music to listen to while you listen to a mantra. The visuals are beautiful and it’s very easy to use.

Druid oracle cards
If you’re feeling like you’re stuck in a bad situation or mood during the day and having trouble finding a solution, the druid oracle cards will help you find spiritual perspective with whatever you’re seeking clarity for. Similar to tarot cards, these cards will aid you when you’re feeling stuck and you need some spiritual intervention.

When you’re winding down your day and getting in bed to fall asleep, this app has many combinations of wonderful sounds like white noise, binaural beats and nature sounds. Whether you need white noise to sleep through the night or use binaural beats for meditation, this app gives you many options of sound combinations that are useful throughout the day.

Remaining grounded and connected to our higher purpose throughout the day is difficult but we hope these apps will be helpful to you in your spiritual journey on this earth. Please let us know in the comments below if you have used any of these apps and if you found them helpful!



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